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    “I came in with plantar fasciitis to see Kyndy. She gave advice on shoes and made me some custom orthotics that changed my running life very quickly. Along with specific “repositioning” exercises which changed my running form, she strengthened my running for the better and fixed my problems! I then went on to start doing 20 mile runs. Thanks Kyndy!”
- AH

“After having ongoing hip alignment issues throughout my 19-year running career and lingering pain from hernia surgery, I knew I needed to see a Postural Restoration expert. I had seen one in college years before that had helped, but had gotten away from the exercises and had new problems. After just one talk and meeting session with Kyndy I knew she was knowledgeable enough to help me. As a professional distance runner I have to keep my body healthy, aligned, and strong so that it can handle the rigors of training and racing year around. If I can’t stay healthy I can’t train hard, and won’t be at the top of my game. Kyndy has kept me healthy for 9 months now and I haven’t had to miss even one day of running due to nagging small injuries or any major issue. I would not be where I am at this year (ranked in the top 20 in the USA and headed into the Olympic Trials) without Kyndy.”
- Brandon Hudgins, 29, Professional Runner


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